Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training Course in Albuquerque, NM

Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training Course in Albuquerque, NM

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Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training Course in Albuquerque, NM, united-states
Rated 4/5 based on 255 votes 253
USD 799
Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training Course in Albuquerque, NM, united-states
Rated 4/5 based on 255 votes 253
USD 649
Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training Course in Albuquerque, NM, united-states
Rated 4/5 based on 255 votes 253
USD 649
Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training Course in Albuquerque, NM, united-states
Rated 4/5 based on 255 votes 253
USD 649
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Please contact us at

Function Point Analysis Training Program designed by Graspskills is providing the 1 day Classroom or 8 hours Instructor lead online training along with 8 hours CCR PDUs with 2 study case material on completing the training. Also providing real time practical practices with 2 Simulation Test, the hard or soft copy of training material and 2 templates on completing the training. After the completing the training program, the attendants able to do comparative measures that help in the planning, management, development, evolution and control of existing or enhanced software.

Function Point Analysis (FPA) training course includes standard technique based on the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) which was defined first in 1979 by Allan Albrecht to assess the size of an existing software application, or of the enhanced software to be delivered by a project. The assessed data relates directly to the business requirements that the software is intended to address. Function Point Analysis is necessary for the development of information systems. By performing an overall analysis of the functional specification of the systems and by converting the obtained data into objectives and measurable units. In short, it provides comparative measures that help in the planning, management, development, evolution and control of existing or enhanced software. Use of FPA to determine the work effort in new projects and application management and IT investment issues and execute measures that are necessary for the implementation of Financial Point Analysis. It is more useful for those who want to be more productive, producing higher quality projects, improving in project estimates, improving processes and also want to reduce costs.

In Graspskills, we are providing world class learning to our learners with excellence and giving knowledge about what it takes to become a successful world-class professional. Our vision for our learners is “To be the most admired Learning and Skill Development Partner, enabling sustainable transformation.”

And our core values are:

  • Customer Focus
  • Respect and Care for Individuals
  • Meeting Commitments
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement

Concepts of software measurement

  • Quantitative measurement techniques
  • Process/product evaluation
  • Basic indicators
  • Composite indicators
  • Benefits

Introduction to Function Point Analysis

  • Principle of Functional Size
  • Function types
  • Steps of Functional Size Measurement
  • Types of Function Point counts
  • ISO standard

Alternative size indicators

  • Lines of Code
  • Mark II
  • 3D
  • FP+

IFPUG counting rules

  • Identification of function types
  • Complexity assignment
  • Examples
  • Measuring existing systems
  • Guidelines
  • Practices
  • OO and GUI applications
  • Counting strategies

Adjusting the initial Function Point count

  • Implementation constraints
  • General application attributes
  • Degree of influence
  • Example of Value Adjustment Factor calculation

Precision of Function Point measurements

  • Error margins
  • Verification of results
  • Actual versus estimated size

Counting Function Points in maintenance

  • Maintenance
  • Enhancement
  • Enhancement project Function Point count
  • Application Function Point count

Hands-on Cases

  • Existing applications
  • Planned application
  • Enhanced application
  • Discussion of sample solutions

Applying Function Point results

  • Work effort
  • Evaluating productivity
  • Estimating software costs
  • Modification of Function Point counts
  • Misuse
  • Tools
  • Benchmarking
  • Installing Metric programs
  • Function Point experiences
  • Selecting indicators
  • Certification
  • Responsibilities
  • Resources
  • Key issues

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand that Function Points are a measure of software functionality and not a measure of software size or complexity
  • Derive from FP the size of planned, installed, or enhanced software by using McConnell's table
  • Estimate project effort, duration and cost through use of FP productivity history
  • Compare different software projects in terms of the functionality they offer regardless of their relative sizes and complexities
  • Use FP to compare alternative software architectural designs
  • Quantify the productivity of their entire software development or enhancement process from the beginning of the requirements phase to the end of the roll-out phase
  • Know NOT to use FP to judge any individual's productivity
  • Know NOT to use FP production rates to judge the productivity of a programming team
  • Quantify the quality of their software products.

It depends on the needs. If you need to know if you are

  • More productive
  • Producing higher quality projects and/or applications
  • Improving in project estimates
  • Improving processes
  • Reducing costs
  • The participants must be able to differentiate between different end user function.
  • Should have an idea about the techniques used in the functional description of information system.
  • Must be concerned regarding the system development or future project leader willing to use different methods for function point analysis.


What types of courses are offered by Graspskills?

Graspskills currently offers international premium certification courses in the areas of Information Security, Project Management & IT Service Management.

I want Graspskills to conduct training at our company’s site. Whom should I contact?

Please connect with our support team through to know more about organizing training at your company’s site across the globe.

What are the deliverables for the courses?

The deliverables are as mentioned below:

  • Training – Classroom / Online/ Live Virtual classroom
  • Exam – Online / Paper based
  • Courseware – E-Books – please visit
  • Participation Certificate

Do you provide any group discounts for classroom training programs?

Yes, we have group discount packages for classroom training. Contact to know more about group discounts.

How should I make the payment and what are the modes of payment available?

Payments can be made using any of the following options

  • Visa debit/credit card
  • Master Card/American Express/Diners Club card, etc
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the payment made?

Receipt will be issued to the candidate by via email.

Does the course fee include the examination fee as well?

Yes , Only few courses like COBIT 5 course fees are included and rest of the courses Course fees are not included.

Are the certification exams papers based or online?

Both actually. It depends on the type of certification. For most courses, both options are available.

Can I take the training now and give exam later point of the time?

Yes. It is up to you when you decide to give your exam. On a softer note, we encourage participant to complete his/her exam within one month of the training.

Do I get a copy of the participation certificate by post or by email?

For all the courses we offer, we provide a digital participation certificate by email. The soft copy of the certificate will be provided by the certification body.

How do I receive my certificates?

Either you can pick up from office by showing ID proof or Certificates are couriered to your address as registered in exam information sheet. It usually takes 7-10 working days to receive hard/soft copy certificates from Examination bodies : PMI, AXELOS, etc

Can I discontinue my training course, In case situation demands?

Yes. If you have a valid reason, as per management discretion, you can take a break and resume your training at later point of time.

Can I cancel my registration? Do I get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your registration. We will provide you complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more please go through our refund policy & student service obligation

Is it possible to conduct training in Client's location, not in the website?

Yes. Please leave a request through request a training link. We will schedule a training based on demand at the requested location and notify you.

What do Infrastructure do I need if I choose online training?

Please refer all required details @ Call Support team

To whom do I contact in case of any query regarding any of the courses?

For any course-related information, please email at or connect with us through live chat.

Key Highlights:
  • Accredited Training Provider
  • Accredited Course Material
  • Accredited Exam Centre
  • Accredited e-Learning Training
  • 100% Passing Warranty
E-Learning Access Includes
  • Sample Exams, Recorded Webinars etc.
  • Course Material which covers
  • In-depth Subject Knowledge
  • Assistance after Training also.
  • Our Accredited Trainers/Consultants have vast Knowledge and Experience on Multiple frameworks.
What kind of learning/Training does Graspskills provide?

Graspskills, we offer instructor-led online live sessions and self paced online courses covering various categories.

Who are the trainers at Graspskills?
  • We have pool trainers available with minimum 20 years of industry experience. Our Instructor led live online courses will be handled by industry professionals who are working in leading esteemed organizations and in their respective fields. These experts belong to various industries and are willing to share their experience with learners like you.
  • We have a large cat log of Self paced online courses as well. We have well versed partners with leading instructors, premium learning content houses, universities across the globe
How are classes at Graspskills organized?
  • Live instructor led Online courses are taught by live instructors on a specific day and time and with a set duration. Learners can take these courses through online video streaming from anywhere and users can live discuss with our trainers by speaking and sharing screen. Users can speak by using a microphone/Headphone.
  • Self paced online courses are provided in the form of high quality pre-recorded videos and these courses can be learned at their own pace, on their own time. These courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
What is the difference between Class room, pre-recorded video session and instructor-led Virtual online live classes?
  • Class room training will be delivered by our Trainer, physically at our prefixed time and training venue.
  • Pre-recorded sessions are the ones in which there is one-way flow between the trainers and the learners i.e. learners can visible and able listen to the training session, but cannot ask queries/doubts from the instructor. These courses can be accessed from anyplace; all you need is a decent internet connectivity to play videos. You can learn with your own comfortable pace.
  • Instructor-led Virtual online live sessions are the ones in which there is a both ways of communication between the students and trainers. The trainers can easily engage, observe & track their learning progress. The students/participants also have the opportunity to ask any queries through various modes (speaking or emailing) from the esteemed trainer.
But we won't contingent with the 'Extreme' classroom experience!!

We reverent deviate! Our All live Online Classroom training combines the best features of the classroom experience and the convenience of online self-study. Try it and we are confident you will not be downcast.

Can I take my training sessions irrespective of my location?

Yes indeed , you can take the training sessions irrespective of your location. Please make sure you adhere to the course perquisites.

Do you provide any Certification for live instructor led online courses? If yes, what is the Certification process?

In case of live instructor led online training, at the end of the course, the trainer will allot you a real -time project which helps you out to clear understanding of how to implement the real- time application. We will provide you with continuous support and assist you in completing the project work. On successful completion of the real-time project work, it will be reviewed by our trainer and you will be awarded a certificate with grade.

What are the payment modes available with Graspskills?

You can pay through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Our Customer Support Team is there to assist you in case if you are facing any product or payment related issues.

What is the system specifications needed for accessing all Access live Online Class room training?

The system requirements are just basic:

  • You can either purchase it directly from the website. Pick your training classes and a schedule that suits you and go through the purchase process.
  • Operating Systems: Windows any version above XP SP3 & Mac any version above OS X 10.6
  • Internet Speed requirement: Preferably above 512 KBPS
  • Headset/Microphone: Any decent headset and microphone which can be used to talk and listen clearly.
What internet speed is required to attend the online live sessions?

The system requirements are just basic:

  • You need have enough internet speed to access a self paced online course.
  • In case of a live instructor led online course, we recommend at least 1Mbps of internet speed. However, participants can take sessions with even lower internet speed also.
I have enrolled to a live instructor led course. What if I don’t have the specific configuration of hardware that is required to do the programming/coding?

Our Instructor Community Team and Service Support Team will help you set up the environment for programming/coding in the best possible manner. In case the setup does not work, they will give access with controllers by sharing the training screens so that you can do the programming by attending laboratory hours at your convenient time.

In case of live instructor based training, How can a participants/attendees will access the online class in the case of disconnect of the internet? Does the student/participant lose that day's class lecture forever?

Users can go through the class recordings or attend the same class in a different batch taken by a different/same instructor. In no event will you lose a lecture forever. You can always watch the session being taken by your instructor on your user page.

How Graspskills will assist me if I faced any problems while installing the programs?

At Graspskills, we have dedicated technical support team to clarify anything you need. If at all, you need any assistance in installing, the technical Support Team will be there for you. Please note that, this service is available only for those who will opt, live trainer led online training sessions.

How will I do the practical sessions for live instructor led online training session?

Every user will be given daily/weekly assignments, case studies, exercises and quizzes/Puzzles so that the trainer can track and observe their progress. You can also complete practical sessions at your own flow, but majorly instructors will be giving guidance for that.

Is there any project supported with the course?
  • Yes, the trainer will assign you a real-time project work to have a clear understanding of how you are able to implement the real-world application and coding of the course agenda.
  • In case of self based online training, please carefully read the study materials details of your registered course.
Do you also provide any reading/study material?

In addition to the class videos in up loadable format, we will also provide the PPTs, PDFs, and codes related to the topics in the downloadable form.

How long do I have access to course material?

At Graspskills, once you enroll with us for particular training classes, you will get 150 days access to the Graspskills course materials.

Is the course material accessible to the participants/attendees even after the course training completes?

After you log in on the user page, you will be able to see recordings of all training sessions that have happened till date in downloadable format. The other training-related study materials like Power point Presentation, project documents etc. will be there on your user screen page which you can access any time. You can also upload the content and use it for offline services.

Do I get any assistance after completion of my sessions?

Yes of course, our trainers will always be there to resolve your queries/clarifications and take your doubts even after successful completion of the course.

What if I am not able to clear the Certification exam in first attempt?

In case of live instructor led course, after the instructor’s review, if your real time project is not approved, then we will provide you the extra assistance for any clarifications and Graspskills will offer re-attempt it is just free of cost. After the successful completion of the assigned project, you will receive the certificates within specified days.

What is the refund policy?

We are dedicated to provide maximum satisfaction to our Participants/Trainees. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for full refund within 7 working days after your transaction in case if you are registered to a self based course.

What if I require extra assistance?

If you require extra assistance, our 24/7 Customer Support Team is always there for your queries and help.

What if I have more queries/doubts?

Please email us on

1. What is Function Point Analysis?

  • Function Point Analysis is a software functional size unit with the purpose to become independent of the technology being used to build the software. It basically estimates what the software does not how the software was developed.

2. Who developed Function Point Analysis? Why it was developed?

  • Function Point Analysis (FPA) was developed in 1979 by Allan Albrecht of IBM.
  • It is developed to promote better development process management and maintenance of software through analyzing the use of software.l

3. What are the benefits of using FPA?

Benefits of using FPA:

  • It supports the analysis of productivity and quality, either directly or indirectly with other informal system such as effort, cost and defects.
  • To estimate cost and resource for software development and maintenance.
  • Works as a tool to support contract negotiation (establishment of contract by using a unit price wherein the unit represent a tangible asset to the client).

4. Is it possible to use Function Point Analysis (FPA) for system maintenance projects?

  • Yes. But not all the software maintenance projects can be measured with FPA (Function Point Analysis), only the maintenance which may change the software functional requirements can be measured by Function Point Analysis.

5. What kind of tools are suitable to support or to automate the use of Function Point Analysis?

  • There are no tools available which can count function point automatically. However, function point count can be used suitably in spreadsheets and is partially automated as well.

6. Who should attend this training program?

  • To attend FPA training course you must have attended the function point (FP) - 101 i.e., Introduction to function point and should have an experience of 6 months and more.

7. How much time will it take to complete the program?

  • It will take either 1 day of classroom training or 8 hours of online training to complete the training program.

8. What and all modes of payment are available?

  • Online payment
  • Purchase order
  • Wire transfer

9. How can I get my certificates?

  • Once you complete the training, you will receive the soft copy of the certificate within 7-10 working days.

10. Is there any team discount as I want to sign up with my whole team?

  • Yes. Obviously there is different percentage of discount on different courses if a team of 3 or more joins together.

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