The important stages in Agile Planning and Estimation

Agile methodology is used to develop software. Generally, the focus is to promote disciplined project management that encourages inspection and adaptation.The main goal is to deliver quality software product and it’s a business approach that understands customer needs and company goals.

Why planning and estimation are necessary?

Planning and Estimation is an important aspect of Agile Methodology, Every plan will set a platform to develop a project and Estimation will be helpful to fill the gaps and remove obstacles in the software development process. Agile methodology clearly states how project managers can plan and estimate to make project success.

The important part of Agile Management is to have specific plan to handle the nature of the Agile environment.

The planning involves product delivery, the difficulties involved, and responsibility of each Agile team member. And it helps the scrum master, product owner, and team members to understand the importance of the project. There are several kinds of planning in Agile methodology let us discuss one by one.

  • Product planning in Agile Methodology

The focus of product planning is meant to look into future of the product and create a route to establish the product. Organisation or Managers need to understand the basic priorities and techniques can be used to achieve this goal. In future, what features can be implemented to improve the product and reach the user satisfaction

  • Release Planning in Agile Methodology

The focus of Release Planning is to create a plan and to provide a growth to the software. At the start of the release plan, the product owner sets the goal with the certain frame.

Major roles of Release planning

  • High-level vision.
  • The objectives of Business and market.

Iteration planning in Agile Methodology

The Iteration planning helps the team to decide how many backlogs they can commit to delivering in the next iteration.This process allows the Team member to check how many hours member can have for the iteration.

Person’s involved in planning

  • Stakeholders/ Product owner: They are the decision makers who will guide the Scrum Master and Agile team to develop the software.
  • Scrum Master: The Scrum Master works as a servant leader and guides the Agile team in developing a software.
  • Agile team: The role of the Agile team is to work together to deliver the requested and committed product increments.

Important stages of Estimation

Estimation stages are common and used by one or more following :

  • Taking Opinion from experts: Asking the experts about the implementation of the technique in several stages of development and with earlier experience on given task, Estimation level can be reached.
  • Comparisons: Through comparing the process we can adopt new concepts in developing a software and make the production better.
  • Disaggregation: While developing software break the complicated task into an easy mode to gather more accurate estimation.

Agile Estimation and planning focus is to develop the quality software for their customers and end users. Agile Estimation and Planning is useful to understand the requirements and to make changes to develop the product in various formats through Planning, realizing, and iterating the products.